[...] deemeetree   While everyone else is talking about saving money, we destroy them. But this very act of destruction is also an act of pure love. The act of embrace.   The year 2010 was very important for the Union. This was the year when Germany embraced Greece, when Spain embraced Portugal, when England embraced Ireland. The stronger ones gave the helping hand to the weaker ones. What a beautiful example to the peoples of the Union! The decades of unabridged promiscuity were left behind and replaced by tight budgetary measures and restrictions. And all of that in order to save what the Union cherishes the most: the Euro.   Indeed, money play an important unifying role for society. Why else would I talk to a supermarket cashier, except for when I give her the money for my bio food? Why else would I talk to a car mechanic if not to pay her the money I owed for the work? Without money, we would be much more isolated, catatonic, and shy. Money is the lubricant of social relations.   The EU Brace rings reveal these basic notions of love, embrace, and lubrication that underly the Euro. We turn money inside out in order to manifest their true potential in bringing people together.   If you want one of those, contact us! [...]

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