Diego is a performer, musician, thinker, and film maker. He currently works and lives in Berlin and is part of TAMTAMTAM Collective. Diego also organizes a monthly improvisation event CUE in Berlin and beyond.

Graduated in Philosophy (Universidad Autónoma Madrid). It´s now or never. Since 2005 based in Berlin crossing the fields of video, performance and music. He squeezes fresh juice every morning.

He divides his time between Berlin and Amsterdam in collaboration with the SNDO (The school for New Dance Development) and performing in international festivals like iDans Istanbul, Plateaux Frankfurt, Context #7 HAU Berlin, Something Raw Frascati, Baku Biennale, Vilnius Biennale. Sometimes he forgets to breath.

His video works have been presented in 57 Berlinale Filmfestspiele Panorama section 2007, MONA Detroit´s Contemporary Museum, Dance Theater Workshop New York, Asahi Art Square Tokio, Thessaloniki Film Fesival, Xtend2010 Digital Media Center Oxford, Athens video art, Experimenta Club Casa Encendida, POOL 07 Dock 11, Musée des Abbatoirs Toulouse. He is a fan.

Diego is member of En Busca del Pasto, a project for musical improvisation. Ellenbogen is his solo project. He waters stones since 1995.

Currently he works with Dimitry Paranyushkin developing the survival technique called Transnomia.