TAMTAMTAM // Chapter 1: How to Reside

Walking through 8 rooms and 8 different ways to have an idea at TAMTAMTAM event at Direktorenhaus on 10 September.

On the 10th of September TAMTAMTAM Collective had an opening of our 2-month residency at Direktorenhaus. Eight different ways to reside and eight different ways of having ideas. Interview room, Hands on room, Hypnogogic room, Solidifying waves of occurrence room, CUE room, and many other spatially distributed propositions and tasks to be randomly performed by random guests. The five future events will intensify the ideas and images that came up during the evening and you are invited to visit us in Direktorenhaus next week and join in the creation.
Here’s some snapshots of situations, images, and objects that everyone produced during the evening.
Find more images on the event’s page.