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PLAYBerlin is a Berlin-based periodical for intelligent and creative content.

Alps-Urals-Pyrenees - Image by Eric Green
by Mollie Hosmer-Dillard and Eric Green

Our Body

Our hands are stretching out to look for somewhere to rest among our immaterial archives so that we can draw out what they fall upon into the solidifying waves of occurrence until we are newly surrounded by such quick crystals.

Doom by Eric Green

Our Thoughts

Berlin attracts thousands of artists, musicians, and passersby – it’s a nomadic city that’s always becoming but never is. It’s calm and peaceful, there’s minimum external stimulation, it’s cheap. Berlin doesn’t demand anything from people and it doesn’t offer anything definite. That’s why it’s so full of creative potential, but also can be hermetic and introvert at times.

We conceived PLAYBerlin as a way to infuse more movement and play into our environment. Our activity is very much event-based, improvised, and anti-nostalgic.  We want to bring different scenes together, but do not associate ourselves to any of them. Instead, we invite people to collaboratively create situations where something new and different takes shape of an inspiring event, an improvised opportunity to be playful and disassociate from any fixed image or scene. It’s not about preparation or prior knowledge, but more about the skill to be playful, to be open to change and movement. These are the projects we created to produce these possibilities more often.

I Made This by Eric Green

PLAYBerlin Magazine

PLAYBerlin.Com serves to document the activities generated by PLAYBerlin and TAMTAMTAM crowd, to provide a snapshot of the events, projects, ideas, and people that have the ability to inspire and move.

We always welcome new contributions, tips, and ideas, so please feel free to contact us.

TamTamTam Events

Our regular TAMTAMTAM events bring together the local Berlin creative community and guests, featuring performances, live music, dance shows, video art, and great people.

TAMTAMTAM is a nomadic party event, the only central idea is the constant change and movement. It blends curated content with improvisation, analogue with digital, meaning with nonsense. We invite musicians, performers, the audience and let them create an event that would provide inspiration and entertainment for everyone involved.

PLAYBerlin Artist Support

PLAYBerlin provides support and opportunities for artists and musicians in Berlin. We are willing to share our knowledge, contacts and infrastructure, to help you promote your events and connect with the right people. A lot of practical information is available online  on PLAYBerlin.Com Berlin Guide and ThisIsLike.Com but feel free to contact us if you need more support.

This Is Like

ThisIsLike.Com is the associative knowledge network that connects scenes and subcultures together. It relates the local Berlin activity to the larger international context. Using the site, you can find artists, venues, bands, events that are similar to each other and discover new things this way.

The idea at the forefront of ThisIsLike.Com is the relationship between items, people and places. The knowledge as the event, the associative impulse connecting discrete elements together.