SADAK is a fashion label of Sasa Kovacevic who lives and works in Berlin. Ethnography and time have been an ongoing source of engagement for Sasa and here we present his latest collection.

“The whole concept is based on tradition, ethnography, anthropology,
history, and clothing. I incorporate various ideas from proceeding time
periods; I research the function of the clothing made and worn during
a particular time period, often using the mystical and poetic stories
associated with the clothing.

Sadak is the ancient name for a traditional sleeveless jacket worn in
some regions of the Balkans. The preserved, magical meaning of Sadak
in its original oral and visual context is transformed and adapted to
contemporary reality, and thus becoming independent through the
development or construction of forms, figures, motifs, magical
objects, statements, temporal codes of society, space, objects and
functions of protagonists.

Sadak is the name for a label that deals with clothing; it is
distinguishable not only by whom it is made but also by its artistic
and aesthetic value. The collections, which embrace a system of signs,
symbols and beliefs from their original homeland also comprise of
tribal elements, local beliefs, and influences of different religions.
Traces of traditional and/or historical clothing are taken and
transformed into a new interpretation while maintaining their roots in
narrative, visual harmony, artistic character and aesthetic value.”

All pieces by Sasa Kovacevic, Photo credits: Daniel Bollinger-Samo