A Berlin based non-commercial forum for both audience and artists interested in experimental music and video works, as well as installations and workshops.

Salon Bruit started in 2002 in Berlin as an open platform for international artists of various backgrounds who experiment with sound, art, music and noise in unconventional ways. Regular meetings with Berlin residents and visiting guests led to an increase in thei audience, an ever-expanding radius of action and ultimately to the establishment of the nonprofit association Salon Bruit eV. in 2008. Their activities include concerts, performances, independent radio projects and exhibitions in Berlin and other European cities.

A unique quality of the association is its open, interdisciplinary and independent approach. The main interest lies in the international exchange of ideas and the consequent synergies that this encourages. The emphasis is mostly put on the idea of sharing and networking, which is enhanced by Salon Bruit’s policy of inviting a mixture of local and visiting artists to the same events. These events take place mostly in the smallest cinema in Berlin, the “Lichtblick Kino” – a renowned independent cinema in the old eastern part of the city. Most of this is documented and some of it played locally on air when the occasion arises. Salon Bruit’s roots are deeply entwined with local Free Radio scene in Berlin. Past collaborative projects have been Ersatzradio, RadioRiff, Reboot.FM, radioherbst, Mikro.FM, Dazwischenfunken in Potsdam, Funkwelle and most recently Herbstradio.

Salon Bruit 29.05.2009 in Acud (May 29, 2009) by Preslav Literary School, Dominique Vaccaro and Mario de Vega.
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