10 09
TAMTAMTAM Presents: Chapter 1

A two-month residency at Direktorenhaus.

TAMTAMTAM Residency at Direktorenhaus

We would like to invite you to join TAMTAMTAM for our residency at Direktorenhaus in Berlin. For two months we will be experimenting in playing, interacting, making things, disrupting the interfaces, learning, cheating, partying, dancing, solidifying waves of occurence, being surrounded by quick crystals, sleeping, and eating together.

At the first event, on Friday, 10th of September, we occupied 8 rooms with 8 ways of having an idea. We all received tasks and spatially distributed proposals to give some initial friction necessary to start the movement. Together with our guests we generated ideas about how to reside in Direktorenhaus during the next two months.

See more images and videos in How to Reside post.

Your guides for the evening:

Johannes Wengel

John Erik Jordan

Jessica Taylor

Eric Green

Diego Agullo

Dmitry Paranyushkin

Marija Ivosevic

Clement Layes

Sarah Lewis

Ligia Lewis