TAMTAMTAM // Chapter 2: Werkstatt

Thank you to everyone who came to the Chapter 2 of TAMTAMTAM ongoing residency at Direktorenhaus on the 17th of September. We called it “Werkstatt” because it was all about work, machines, states of being and consciousness, sounds, objects, and all other interfaces we use to interact with reality.

Donald Wysoski built his 127th machine that managed to get a marble ball into a hat following a complex route of random associations, physical laws, magical manipulations and divine powers (watch the video on the right).

Matthew Appleby built an amazing “Weather Machine” that produced wind, water, plants and the nature itself

Team Plastique performed a mini experimental show and recreated an amazing tropical landscape in Direktorenhaus’ corridor.

Dmitry Paranyushkin invited people to join him in making “Life Skills” videos where people share their most essential knowledge in a very comprehensive, yet concise way.

Eric Green, Jessica Taylor and Diego Agullo led a dance class in the hallway featuring some of the best Michael Jackson’s moves.

Andreas Stolber did a permanent concert inviting people to take part in his circuit-bending game.

DJs SWADANSI and Kandis Williams played the finest tunes and kept people dancing forever.

We also presented the new PLAYBerlin website and nice Spanish food was served by our friends for the guests.