Reminiscent of an archaeologist or a collector, the artist creates an enigmatic mood that investigates the different notions of personal and collective dreams.

Justin Palermo is a visual and performance artist from Detroit based in Berlin. Often inspired by childhood memories and personal biographies, he creates unique and intimate worlds that combine intensity and innocence, playfulness and obsession with detail. His works possess great allure and emotion, inviting the spectator to reconsider the notions of personal history, time, and imagination.

“I am fascinated by the tiny accumulations of a person’s life. I’m even more fascinated by what gets left behind, with what remains.
I search for a way to use these materials to tell a new story – a story we’ve seen in parts but never quite all together. The stories behind the work cannot be pinned down quickly. These are narratives without beginnings or ends, with more gaps than solids.”

All drawings and artwork by Justin Palermo, Photos by Miguel Lopes and Stefan Mark Faerber