Drawn to the line where inane didn’t leave her any other option but to put evasion in its act, it is then that she took her own forms and colours, making an adroit manoeuvre out of it. All the art forms that she can practice are not seen as separate, but as extension of interest in being insane full time creative spirit, providing us with greater opportunities. Living in a constant tension between reality and fantasy, she avoids to be caught by the radar, so she can be free of formalizing her roll within Arts, for future interest. Investigating in the most playful way how to create identity and how to give it to the audience, exploring the relation between association / fiction. Knowing that if its true that individual exists plausible in so far as it is constituted by credible information, then the playful approach will give endless possibility for continuing game further, to demonstrate with every single work that the fiction write-ups can live in every form.