TAMTAMTAM // PLAYBerlin Launch at Direktorenhaus

For the third part of TAMTAMTAM residency at Direktorenhaus we just invited our friends to have fun. It was also the official launch of the new PLAYBerlin.Com website.

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The ongoing TAMTAMTAM residency at Direktorenhaus is a great opportunity to explore different ways of coming together and making an “event”. The very first one was like a collective playground where we invited the guests to discover together with us what it means to reside. The second event was dedicated to dysfunctional interfaces, machines, objects, and space. We explored how the space itself and the structures inside can be the main protagonists during the event. This third event on the 23rd of September was a playful attempt to emulate a “launch party” – as it coincided with the PLAYBerlin.Com launch. It was all about music (Miss Hawaii + DJs Kandis Williams and Swadansi), dancing, drinking, talking, and basically having fun.
The second half of TAMTAMTAM residency in October will be the time to be a bit more experimental as in not knowing the precise outcome. The next event on the 9th of October will revive the original TAMTAMTAM spirit where we leave 50% of the event to a chance. We created a program featuring dance performance, live music and DJs, but also want to invite anyone who’s interested to join in and perform during the evening.