Regular informal project salon showings followed by a discussion.


Dmitry Paranyushkin

3 Am Flutgraben, 12435 Berlin

+49 15 777 8650 77


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Studio Salon is an informal showing of work to a small but open group of people followed by a discussion. The artists, theorists, musicians are invited to present their work, talk about their process, share their favourite inspirations, make a lecture or play music. The emphasis is made on providing the space where work can be explored in a more focused environment, where one can have a conversation with interesting people about their practice and generate new ideas, possibilities, and inspirations.

Studio Salon is organized more or less regularly every week at Kunstfabrik at Dmitry Paranyushkin’s studio. It’s open to anyone who is interested and the only requirement is to make it possible for others.

If you would like to visit one of the events or show your current work, please, contact Dmitry directly.

The artists who’ve shared their work at Studio Salon before: Twin Shadow, Isabel Lewis, Clement Layes, Nina Kurtela, Marcela Donato and Ben Evans, Jessica Taylor, Sarah Lewis, Eric Green, Dmitry Paranyushkin.