Berlin-based artist who works with installation, sculpture, video and drawing.

“By ignoring the viewer’s standpoint and confronting him instead with the object’s own perspective, which conveys different vanishing points, the sphere of the object is expanded, leading to a massive destabilization of the viewer’s position.
Forced into the depths of the space, the viewer believes himself to be at the mercy of an unpredictable experience, where he feels unable to take a position in a space. From there, it seems as if there is absolutely no place at all in the space where the viewer can perceive the object as an aesthetic whole. Hence, the constructed perspective seems committed to the goal of approaching the viewer in order to deprive him of any way of accessing the work that might allow him to affirm himself.”
“Even though the viewer cannot find a place in the space where he can avoid having the object invade his sphere, whenever he moves, he experiences the space as a powerful authority that offers him the chance to avoid having the object possibly exercise power over him. [...] By moving, the viewer can actively confront being fixed and controlled by the constructed perspectives and the progressive dynamics of the sculptures, and thus transform the tense relationship into a permanent dialogue between subject and object.”
From ”What We See, Sees Us.” by Margit im Schlaa.