“Berlin magazine that propagates an aesthetic of brutal elegance”.

032c is a contemporary culture magazine that fiercely believes in the intelligence of its readers, and rises to the challenge of surprising them. Published twice a year, it is both timely and timeless—a celebration of and for the most cutting-edge in art, culture, and fashion.

Joerg Koch, Co-founder and Editor 032c: “Looking back we defined an attitude. Practically, it was anti-authorship, anti-journalism, totally opaque in who wrote it and with an obscure name that referred to 1960s modernism (032c is a pantone colour reference). The first issue was meant to look like Dieter Rams had designed a punk fanzine.
Because there wasn’t a focus on making the magazine super-commercial or super-productive economically speaking it did actually become really successful- that’s the paradox. We did everything wrong in a sense but in a way it pays off because it gives us a sense of depth and of history. If you work first on the editorial credibility and then on the commercial credibility your position is much stronger. [...]
Most of the things we do is a refusal of the existing situation. So all we can do is what we believe in.”

Source: interview from James Pallister at MEAT Magazine