“119 Rooms in an old factory building, built for Austrian carpenters, Swedish models, English rockstars, Japanese businessmen, German racing car drivers and American dudes.” (Hotel Michelberger)

“Warning: If you are a large group of lads coming to Berlin to drink yourselves into a coma and dress up in superhero costumes, this isn’t the hotel for you.” (Hotel Michelberger)

Following this quote, it is right to call it an ALTERNATIVE ACCOMMODATION. Created by a team of young creatives and people who know the story of Berlin, Hotel Michelberger could be seen as a continuation of the 90′s Berlin club culture. Keeping an essence of a “Berlin way of living” Hotel Michelberger is presenting a sustainable model of fusing design, transcontinental living, easy jetting and club culture at it’s best. Where big clubs like WMF disappeared the makers of Michelberger understood the quality of these places, found a livable model, which can sustain.