Nat Munari aka Nathaniel Fowler is an audio/video artist in Berlin. He hails from Baltimore and plays in the synthesized monster named Unlimited Heroine and the band called Oxes. He is currently editing a feature documentary, shooting music videos, and collaborating with other peeps.He has been a collaborator on various TamTamTam and PLAYberlin events, capturing the keymoments of occurences.

About his current work

“Instead of approaching the “remix” as a danceable reinterpretation of an original track, I work with the connexion that a popular image has with its audio, as if they are one inseperable entity apart from the pop song product. Music Videos have become the status-quo format for discovering and consuming pop music. In a sense, music has become inseperable from the image, forming a symbiosis. No longer are songs made and preserved by their pure musical content. Particularly with commercial pop hits, the association of the moving image with the original audio creates the “success” and dictates its longevity. No longer are hits made and preserved by their pure musical content.

I dissect this correlation into small pieces (like a samplist would use pieces of a song) and create a new audio/video work by using the music video, not the music, as the source. All video that appears is accompanied by its original audio, and thusly all audio is accompanied by its original video.


These new works play with the tension of rhythm based music versus how rhythm is portrayed in music videos; the video cuts are determined by fractions of beats within the music. This does not always coincide with a natural cut in the video. By searching for the moments in which new connexions can be made, moments of the collision between the rhythmic cut and the image cut, I develop a new story using the results.”

Music Videos

The story behind the unfinished music Video for Gang Gang Dance

Mr Munari / Fowler:
“Funny what a year does to technology. I spent 4 days on preliminary work, keying and modelling, before preparing to dive into a month of handcrafting a quartz composer scene that would intentionally put errors into the compressed video I was working with. The band decided they didnt want a video so I stopped after 4 days. 6 months later Kanye West comes out with Welcome to Heartbreak, making any original idea I had redundant. 4 months later, somebody’s made a QC plugin and my month’s work is done in literally 5 minutes. Thanks to the “datamoshing” trend and the video artist bangnoise, I can lazily say “yeah, this is what i meant to do. see? Thanks for not trusting in my vision.”

The video excerpt also features our dear friends and collaborators Drew Kaiser and Ligia Manuela Lewis