Survival technique, belief system, a dance that is empty, that is full.


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Transnomia is the condition marked by value instability, which arises during a transition between different, often contradicting systems of beliefs. The old values are destabilized and questioned, the new values are not yet firmly in place.

We should embrace this distance in-between, full of uncertainty and unpredictability, and scrutinise all the possibilities it has for the production of meaning, happiness, and magic. For it is in the moments of crisis that we become more sensitive to magic and can rejoice in the arbitrariness of meaning and randomness of life.

Using the movement and language vocabulary derived from different systems of beliefs, we create the Transnomic condition in a performative context. The words, references, and gestures are deprived of the original meaning, but retain the original potential and the fervor from within. Just like the a child who invents a secret language to find magic in the mundane, we invent a secret game that takes the audience on a meditative journey through the gaps, coincidences, overlaps, and contradictions arising in transitionary states.

The question that we propose is not only how can we laugh and rejoice within instability, crisis, and constant change, but also – how can the audience and the performers believe in each other and in the performance itself?