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Absalon at KunstWerk

From 27 November 2010 until 20 February 2011

KW Institute for Contemporary Arts
Auguststr 69, Mitte Berlin


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Absalon engages himself with spaces in systematic and successive ways. By taking questions around essential human activities and basic forms such as the rectangular, the square, the triangle and the circle as his starting points, he begins by emptying out the encountered spaces before restructuring and refilling them with the help of simple forms. These test assemblies, further developed later on by means of objects, drawings, photographs and films, come to a full circle in Absalon’s Cellules: individualized, ascetic living units for contemplation based on the measurements of the artist’s own body. Reduced to a vocabulary of strictly geometrical forms these pieces convey a sense of absolute abstraction, yet without alluding to utopian ideas. Instead, they open up heterotopic spaces, which Absalon had planned to publicly position in six large cities in order to confront his physical existence with the corpus of society: “They are not meant to posit any solutions in terms of isolation. They have been made for living the social.” (Absalon)

Opening hours
Tue – Sun noon – 7 pm
Thur noon – 9 pm
The exhibition is closed on December 24 and 31, 2010.
6 Euro, 4 Euro concessions