Music Documentary on Jamaican Music


Deep Roots Music includes footage of performances by Lee Perry, the Skatelites, U Roy, 80′s Dancehall parties, verrrryy pissed skankers, as well as interviews with cultural historians, folklorists and musicologists.

Deep Roots Music offers a detailed examination of the history of Jamaican music traced from the early transported slaves, through the religious cult groups in Jamaica to the birth of the popular music, the Ska. Influencing and educating are the voices of both the people who created the music and those who were involved in the early days of Mento, Ska, Rock Steady and the sound systems, like the Skatalites and Duke Reid, toasters such as Count Machouki and Big Youth; record producers like Harry J; and the great Reggae artists of the day such as Dennis Brown, U Roy and Black Kush.

Deep Roots Music provides a remarkable history of a popular music form that is more than music.
(quoted from the O Tannenbaum Newsletter)