Suspended collapse of the oblique.

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Oblique ramps on the floors, oblique ceilings and oblique walls. Nuclear stations. Churches. Villas. Military bunkers. Vertigo. Dislodge the immobile. Setting social relations in motion. Surfing on the surface. Use the fall.
“What will happen, Parent asked, if you make people group in ways different to those required by the given social parameters of “chair”, “table”, “sofa”, “bed”, etc? Can furnitureless architecture affect dynamics between people?”
Source: 032c, 20th issue
“Suspended Collapse is located within a situation that constantly sets aside any reference applied to it. Yet, pushing for a collapse of the given situation this rehearsal speculates on a brief suspension that allows for the appearance of a gap within language itself.”
Source: Soenke Hallman, To-Do (möte09), “akin”
Images source: Ecole