a look back on the former future of a Berlin band

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Looking back to the the title of the tape, which has been released with much excitement on froggi records in 2009 it may be the right time now to take a look back on the former future of the Berlin based band VOM SEGELN.

In early february 2009 we tried to approach the band with an interview at their tape release night at Lokal near Rosenthaler Platz. But already after the opening question: “Was kommt vom Segeln?”, we realized that we had approached them “too meta”, so we finished the interview more or less unsatisfied and didn’t touch the material of that evening for over a year now. With some distance we didn’t really care about the interview anymore but were very much certain about the live material, which we shoot that night.

What has been released under the title “Ehemalige Zukunft” in 2009, may┬áseem now, that it has been a very conceptual announcement already then, knowing what had to follow. The band, so as the venue featured in the following video podcast are not existing anymore.