The Future as a Game

Great talk from DICE 2010 on the future of fiction, reality, and online games.

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Jesse Schell (Carnegie Mellon University) is talking about our future as one huge game that we will constantly be playing. Brushed your teeth in the morning? +10 points. Did it for 3 minutes instead of 1? +10 points. Took a bus to work instead of a car? +50 points. Read an interesting article and shared it with friends? +100 points.
In this exciting vision of the future fiction enters reality and meets the psychology of online games. The whole other question is what behaviors will be produced by such synthesis. But then it’s up to consumers to decide whether they follow the lead of the companies who want to maximize profits or whether they find some other leads that are more interesting for them.
Thanks to Paul Schoen for posting this one up!

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