The Life Skills Series

Video series where people share their essential life skills in a concise, yet comprehensive manner.

The Life Skills is an educational video project initiated by Dmitry Paranyushkin and The Solvents. It is a composition of short interviews where people are invited to share a skill that they have. Proposed to share their knowledge in a concise, yet comprehensive manner, spelling out every detail that goes through their mind while performing the activity, protagonists give an account of seemingly ordinary activities in a very extraordinary way. The question is always the same, and the answer is easily predictable,however what comes out from The Life Skills is the specificity of each individual in the way they approach the task and interact with the interviewer. Over time these small details become more visible than the actual skill relayed. As a result, something very personal, subjective, and even emotional is given enough space to emerge within the space that’s predictable, generic, and everyday.
Some people who took part in The Life Skills Series: Diego Agullo, Matt Lord, Celine Smith, Klaus Kruse, Dani d’Emilia, Christine de Smedt, Johannes Wengel, Myriam van Imschoot, Jan Ritsema, Emma Kim Hagdahl, Fruszi Jesse, Berno odo Polzner, Nikolaus Gansterer, Peter van Bogaert, Peter Ampe, Lenia Kaklea, Jonas Nachtergale, and others.

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