Why posting this?

I found this DEMO CD some weeks ago inside a big pile of other CD’s, listened to it and liked it a lot still. Then accidentally i met some friend from around these days in a bar. We talked about the band and she told me that Duncan had a serious accident and that they don’t play anymore. I was surprised not knowing it and checked the internet.

So i found this:


“The lead singer with the Germany-based American band The Virgin Tongues, Duncan McKnight, seriously injured himself by falling four storeys from the roof of Skoluvordustigur 3 in Reykjavik yesterday morning.

He is being held unconscious on a ventilator in intensive care, but his condition is said to be stable. Police believe the fall was an accident.

The Virgin Tongues were in Iceland for a concert alongside local band Singapore Sling this evening at Sodoma Reykjavik. Kid Twist have been announced as a stand-in act and the gig will go ahead as planned.”

(ICE NEWS 2nd of May 2009 read here)

I know it’s super bad quality but for archive reasons:
Next to all this Demos to listen to there is also some footage someone shoot of the concert in our Schöneberg flat (posted by me in july 2007 on youtube). The former PLAYberlin headquarters. When a TAMTAMTAM still had to become what a KINDERDESSATURN Party was intended to be.