TAMTAMTAM // The Waiting Room Project

Presented during TAMTAMTAM residency at Direktorenhaus in October 2010.

The participants are invited for a series of interviews conducted by the hosts of the evening. The hosts are given a full carte-blanche to set up a social situation exploring the problematics and possibilities of an interview as a form of interaction. There are eight different rooms and each room carries with itself a different proposition: a therapy session, game, interrogation, exorcism, private performance, secret society gathering, audition, photo session – pretty much as far as the host’s fantasy goes.
The waiting room is the focal point of the whole space. As much as each individual interview that the participants go through is important, the waiting room becomes the place for random encounters between them. The experiences they go through during the interviews influence the way the participants relate to one another and contribute to creating an atmosphere where standard behaviors are suspended in favor of the hosts’ propositions.

Hans Ulrich Obrist said that “interviews have to do with liberating time”, finding a moment when one can relax and encounter the other without external pressure. The interview then is a matter of attention. In our project we attempt to create the time, space, and propositions that ignite that attention of the participants to one another. We want them to feel important, interested, and interesting. We want them to be the main protagonists, not just passive spectators, and to carry on this empowering feeling beyond the context we construct together.
The Waiting Room was premiered during our residency at Direktorenhaus (Berlin) in October 2010. The hosts for that event were Diego Agullo, Dmitry Paranyushkin, Peter Stamer, Isabel Lewis, Clement Layes, Ingrid Cogne, Daniel Hinojo, Christine Schmidt.