We Are Chopchop is a small community of designers, video- and media artists working and exploring in the field of visual culture production.

Daniel Franke (1982) works as an artist, designer and music video director in Berlin. His works challenge the restrictions of conventional spatial frameworks and – concepts: digital simulations should no longer be limited to an on-screen-display; instead the digital might be imagined as transferable into real space and thus extend perceptions of “the real”. Ultimately digital spaces should leave the realm of the virtual and enter the tactile.
This approach is present in works like „Spatial Sound Sculpture“ and „Durchsehen Exp. 01 (Augmented Perspective)“.
Daniel is a graduand at the University of Arts where he is currently preparing his masters degree (Meisterschüler) mentored by Prof. Joachim Sauter and Prof. Alberto de Campo.
Akitoshi Mizutani is a designer / artist working with
exhibition design, narrative/media architecture and 3D. He holds the German Diplom degree (MA) in exhibition design from the Berlin University of the Arts.

Florian Lamm is a Leipzig based graphic designer with focus on bookdesign and research. He is studying at the Academy of visual Arts Leipzig.
Mikala Hyldig Dal is a visual media artist working on the border line of art and design. In her work she often fuses analogue source material with digital refinement and vice versa. Hot spots: moving images served with graphical exaltation & baroque Übermut. (Graduate of the University of Arts Berlin)
Christopher Warnow’s (1982) works as an artist, designer and programmer. He is interested in the hopes and the trust we invest in digital data and – images. In performances and workshops Christopher utilizes generative strategies to examine our enthusiasm towards digital technologies and questions its grounds.
During his study at the Berlin Technical Art School and in workshops at the Technical College Potsdam, Warnow explores the potential of programming as a means of establishing a personal image-language, freed from commercial restrictions. Recurrently he tests the potential of generativity in the visualization of information and in the form of audiovisual performances.
Setting free creativity is the main motivation behind his work as technical adviser of artists like Angela Bulloch and Sunah Choi.

A. N. Fischer born in Munich, Germany (1982). He is a graduate of Joachim Sauter’s class at the University of the Arts Berlin. He works with generative systems, physical representations of data as well as visualizations of digital processes to create graphic representations, sculptures and installations. The artist lives and works in Berlin.
Wendela Loman is a dutch visual artist/ set designer specialized in installation, video & set design. She graduated for fine Arts and set design at the Academie Minerva. In February 2009 she’s getting her diplom/master at the university of the arts Berlin. She currently lives and works in Berlin.
Kai Kreuzmüller