A Berlin-based think-tank and performance collective.

Dimitriego Paragullo is a compound of Dmitry Paranyushkin and Diego Agulló, the co-isolated bubble family of transcendental cells ascending from the common history of work and vicarious love making practice.
The first encounter happened in Berlin 2007 but the two instances did not really merge until December 2009, when the actual fusion was protracted. After several journeys and trips into the depths of subconscious, Kunstfabrik, Performing Arts Forum, Arsenal Gallery, Uferhallen, Sophiensaele and PACT Zollverein, Paragullo is ready more than ever to continue its existence with renewed fervor.
Combining both air and water in its work, Dimitriego Paragullo does not belong to either male or female. Rather it positions itself in the volatile ground between sexes, opinions, matters, and meanings. It is interested in exploring asymptotic motion: always approaching but never penetrating the surface of the other. In other words, the path of the heart full of belief and commitment, but escaping unnecessary complications that rarely, but surely happen upon landing. For example, look how many accidents happen to civilian airplanes when they are just about to land on an airstrip etc.