Berlin based british interiour designer and installation artist

Born 1979. Eastbourne, UK. Lives and works: London/Berlin.

He has been invited to participate at the TAMTAMTAM “WERKSTATT” at Direktorenhaus in 2010 for which he’d built a weather machine:

Weather or Not

I was cycling and thinking about the weather and about automation and then ‘weather mechanisms’ as they are sometimes called and then how gratifying it could be to control an environment through simple mechanics or the push of some buttons. I didn’t tottaly expect this to work and as the weather can be difficult to predict it seemed that this machine was to be similar.

Haphazardly constructed from objects and things that I had in my studio, apartment and car as well as some borrowed items, this was a temporary performance/installation where the objects would be replaced later. Lasting 12hrs from construction, self destruction, part rehabilitation with interaction, unpredictable elements came into play. Water, electricity, light, air, earth, mechanized but only partly controllable.