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Fountain / To the Mountain

Performance by Jeremy Wade, Ligia Manuela Lewis, Florentina Holzinger, Rodrigo Sobarzo

Hallesches Ufer 32, Berlin


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In “Fountain/To the Mountain”, the American choreographer Jeremy Wade creates a two-part performance that sends his audience on a physical trip. He amalgamates psychedelic and religious experiences into a grotesque spectacle in which the ordinary becomes fantastic. In this piece, Wade addresses the relationship of collective struggle and mutual support, working with kinetic and ritual sculptures as well as images taken from nature and the animal world. How can an audience’s physical empathy be increased? How can sharing an experience ease the effort?
Wade prepares the space with a collective warm-up exercise for the second part. In the trio of Florentina Holzinger, Ligia Manuela Lewis, and Rodrigo Sobarzo internal and external images collide. The performer’s bodies become the scene of shifting expressions and states of consciousness. Constraints and liberation, fear and relief result in poses that turn their bodies into an irritating picture puzzle of daily life. The bodies become blurry, transitory and associative, moving around in a hallucinatory vision of sounds, word fragments, and imaginary geometry.

“Fountain/To the Mountain” is the result of a six-month research period entitled “Identity & Transgression”. In an exchange with several artists, Wade explored different constellations, mechanisms, and visions of the body in dance.
The physical experience of the self, transforming body images and searching the shape of a group collective come together in “Fountain/To the Mountain” as a playful reflection on the role of the audience in theater. How can a contemporary understanding of empathy form the basis of a revision of the community?
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