29 01
Reggie Watts in Berlin

Performance beatbox extravaganza in Berlin.

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Skalitzer str 135, 10999 Berlin


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Imagine you come to a show and realize midway through that you’re having a really strong trip. Reggie Watts’ intellectually stimulating hilariously clever improvised comedy beatbox performance does exactly this to the audiences. Buy the tickets for the show now before they’re sold out!

In his stream-of-consciousness monologues combined with beautifully mastered beatbox interludes, Reggie shifts seamlessly between different personas, musical styles, accents, voices, and even – yes – bodies. He may be speaking in British cockney to explain how many Xanax he has taken, or as a ghetto youth with extensive knowledge of economic theory (“this world be fucking crazy, when you be looking at some virtualized numbers that symbolize shit that don’t exist”). Whoever witnesses this hilarious psychotic maze, goes through a succession of mental orgasms accompanied by endless fits of laughter.
Hailed as the “man of towering genius” by Brian Eno and the “comic genius” by GQ, Reggie Watts also regularly performs as the opening act for the popular Conan O’Brien TV show in the US. He also contributed two tracks to DFA Records’ Spaghetti Circus and performed with dance-punk band LCD Soundsystem. Reggie regularly performs at PS122 in NY.
Reggie’s first ever show in Berlin will be supported by the amazing mysterious witchcraft genius locally-brewed music performance project that will carefully prepare your mind and your body for Reggie’s psychedelic mental trip and then will blow off whatever it is that is remaining.