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Group Doueh & Awesome Tapes from Africa

Great music from West Sahara and more awesome African vibes.

Festsaal Kreuzberg
Skalitzerstr 130, Berlin
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Group Doueh – from Dakhla in the Western Sahara, are a band who morph effortlessly, just like the vital and heavy sandblasted music they make. Their live set-up can switch from soaring and hypnotic rocking and rolling guitar songs with huge choruses to meditative and transcendental acoustic folk tracks. The group’s ancient/modern is rooted in the traditional foundations of Sahrawi/Hassania music, but one that is also entirely its own.

Awesome Tapes from Africa – After a stint in Ghana researching the local hip-hop movement, Brooklyn’s Brian Shimkovitz, a trained ethnomusicologist, has accumulated hundreds of cassette tapes of rare african music from Zimbabwe to Ethiopia to Senegal. He has been sharing his bounty through his popular blog Awesome Tapes From Africa, which he takes on the road as a DJ.